Convenient Laboratory Services

When you become part of the Salutem Health Group, you can expect a wide range of services, including laboratory tests. Our partnership lab makes it easy for patients to get complicated diagnostic tests done quickly and conveniently.

Areas of Specialty.

  • General / Routine Chemistries
  • Advanced Cardiovascular Testing
  • Allergen – Specific IgE Blood Testing
  • Women’s Health
  • CGx Hereditary Cancer Screenings
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Patient RX Monitoring
  • Molecular
  • Wellness Panel
  • Toxicity
doctor running laboratory tests
Patient talking with Doctor

Benefits for Patients

When patients trust their doctors, it makes their medical care that much easier. At Salutem, our goal is to bring patients preventative-care options to help them look and feel their best. With our trusted laboratory partner, our physicians can get a well-rounded picture of your health.

Wellness plans and treatments are specialized to meet each specific need without the risk of higher medical bills and administrative costs to the patient or their employer. We also offer on-going support and education to help everyone reach their wellness and health goals.

Benefits for Employers

Healthy employees are happy employees. Healthy employees are also more productive and engaged employees. With a Salutem Health Group subscription, you guarantee your team gold-standard healthcare how they want it and when they need it.

Healthier employees mean fewer sick days and lower medical premiums with your private insurer. The Salutem lab can help keep medical costs low and your employees fit and strong.

employees looking at options
Doctor reviewing lab results with patient

Trust Your Lab Results

  • Reporting

    Stop waiting weeks for test results that are complicated and hard to understand. Salutem’s lab reports come back promptly and are easy to read.

  • Convenience

    By drawing on site, Salutem makes laboratory testing and services convenient for doctors and patients.

  • Full-Service

    Salutem provides a wide range of services to give patients and their doctors a full scope of their health and valuable insights into how treatment plans are working.

  • Easy Billing

    Monthly billing and dashboard access mean you’ll never be caught off guard for unnecessary administrative costs and unused healthcare.

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